RIP Toontown Online - Disney MMO Closing Doors Next Month

So long, childhood memories.

After 10 years of giving kids and trolls something to do on a slow day, Disney's Toontown Online will be officially closing its doors forever next month. One might say that it's had a good run, and I would be inclined to agree.

This isn't a big deal in the scheme of things (or the industry), but a portion of today's young adults spent time in Toontown Online at one point or another. This is sad news for the current young playerbase, but to older ex-players a piece of their childhood is being locked away forever. Once the game is gone, it is not coming back.

Those who decide to revisit their childhoods between now and the closing date of September 19th can do so without incurring any fees. Memberships are no longer available for purchase, and every player is given Member status until the game shuts down.

The Closing FAQ covers anything anyone who has purchased a card or subscription for the game needs to know.

Be free from the crushing emptiness and trolls that have overrun you, Toontown Online. Perhaps you will entertain another generation in MMO Heaven.

Published Aug. 20th 2013
  • Mike_4793
    Well, worry no more! Toontown Rewritten is in store! September 19, 2014, it will be released
  • MundieR.
    This was my only escape as a kid... and now its gone...
  • UIN_2951
    Toontown Rewritten is coming out very soon
  • Dan_9142
    Hopefully not just another generation in MMO Heaven. Hopefully more like forever.
  • Dan_9142
    I hope not another generation entertained, but that we will be forever entertained by Disney's Toontown Online in Heaven, & The New Heaven & The New Earth.
  • NickJanuary6
    GUYS IF WE CALL THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND BEG, they might not close it! If we can get tons and tons of toons to show how much they cared, they might change their mind, because with some advertising it can really be a popular game again! Call 1-888-507-1144
  • james_9427
    It was more then just kids that played toontown. Grandparents played with thier grandkids. older adults played it as well. I believe it lack alot of loving tender care. The last major update bossbot in 2008. Disney last year lost 216 million dollars. Also, hackers were injecting codes into the server. Pretty much that why you see pirates online and toontown alone going down. Pixie hollow is on the same server as the other games. I don't think there will be a reboot of toontown. Toontown was created on panda3d. That is open source.
  • lee1418
    O.M.F.G I have played this since I was about 9 or 10 pretty much when it opened an I am almost 20! I loved this game an I actually do still play this game its wrong an we need a petition to keep it open!!
  • Demitra
    Too bad decision for Disney company. So many people kids and parents love this game.
  • Janet_4233
    I think it is aweful that Toontown will be gone. It is a great game that my daughter and I both play together. There isn't another game like this that is so entertaining. Bad decision by the Disney company.
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    Pixie Hollow and Pirates Online are also going down.

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