First Official Xbox One Sale Ends Without Bloodshed

New Zealand throws a Xbox One launch party with exactly 20 sharks, and 0 hobbits.

Remember that report on the first retail Xbox One being guarded by live sharks? Well that Xbox One has been officially claimed by Dan Livingstone, along with a free copy of FIFA 14 that everyone in New Zealand gets with their purchase. 

Reviews for the Xbox One launch line up have been quite a scattershot with Forza 5 now sitting on a MetaCritic score of 82 and Lococycle sitting on an abysmal MetaCritic score of 48. Ryse: Son of Rome has also been scoring quite low with a 61 on MetaCritic... calling the game dull and repetitive despite the impressive visuals. This is on top of reports that Xbox One will not be getting a app until next year, and even then you need a Gold Membership to use it. 

That hasn't slowed the hype train down at all, with a teaser by SpikeTV host Geoff Keighley saying there will be a new game announcement tonight (likely a Tomb Raider port):

Next-gen is officially underway! The guy who got his Xbox One early, (and then banned) Moonlight_swami, also had his console unbanned this morning and has been streaming on Twitch.tvNow let's just hope we don't get a repeat of the robberies and murders linked to last week's PS4 launch. 

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Published Nov. 21st 2013

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