Headshots from the Heart: Right in the Feels.

Need another reason to shoot a badass in the head?

Headshots from the Heart is an online Borderlands 2 party where you shoot enemies in the head. That sounds like fun, right? Well now think about doing it for charity. Even better!

A team of three players, including members of the HFTH community, play as much Borderlands 2 as humanly possible over 24 hour period while broadcasting live. For every critical shot made to the head, viewers are asked to donate to Child’s Play which is an organization that provides toys and video games to children’s hospitals across the globe.

Last year Headshots from the Heart raised over $2500 for Child’s Play. The community is hoping to up their donation to hopefully $7,000 this year. This is all including donations from viewers and auctions made on ebay.

Headshots from the Heart is different from most online marathons because, like I said before, a pledge can be made for every critical headshot made. This means that the gamers don’t have to play for 24 hours straight. They just have to play their best, which is what the children deserve.

Another way they’ve been collecting donations is through the aforementioned auction system. Headshots from the Heart auctions off items donated by sponsors, volunteers and plain ole normal joes!

Although the live stream is done and the auction house is closed, you can still donate. The organization is continuing to collect money until the 3rd of June and they have a little over $3,000. Let’s help them get to their goal and give these children some new toys!

Keep an eye out and a head down [Snort] for the next opportunity to participate in Headshots from the Heart’s live stream.

Published May. 20th 2013

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