Outrage Occurs as GTAV's Ending Details Leak Online

GTAV fans are outraged that the game's story has been spoiled for them, as they rightly should be. But are Sony and Rockstar at fault?

We reported before on how some assets from the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V have leaked due to the possible PS3 preload.  As it turns out, one of these assets is the game's ending, and many fans that are following GTAV really closely have had the ending spoiled for them now.  As you might expect, it's causing some pretty significant backlash at Sony and Rockstar--but how at fault for this are they, really?

Now, I'm not gonna spoil the ending for you here, mostly because I've managed to avoid the spoiler so far myself. I also highly request that everyone in the comments be a good sport and not talk about any of the content of the ending for people trying to avoid it. A lot of people have stumbled upon it so far, and I ask that those of you that have be good sports and let those that have managed to avoid it have their peace.

Sony and Rockstar put GTAV up on PSN and made it available for preload immediately after it went gold.  This means that despite being unable to actually play the game before its release date, all of the data for the game can be loaded onto your PS3, which would let you play it immediately upon release.

However, those among us more crafty with code have been able to access many of the game's sounds and movies. The ending was among the things they found access to, and one or two of them decided to share it on the internet for those that didn't mind spoilers.  

Trouble was, once it got out, people started sharing it more broadly and with less regard for those who might not want to see it, as is the nature of the internet. It turned into a bit of a storm, and now there's a lot of blame being cast at Sony and Rockstar. Sony, at least, has formally apologized, and they've seemingly claimed the fault to be on their end.

Now obviously, these companies aren't directly at fault; they didn't post the ending online, and didn't intend for gamers to break into the code and do so themselves.  When the soundtrack leaked, each company issued a statement discouraging people from sharing details. However, they didn't seem to consider the way these things tend to work when it comes to people's use of the internet.

Especially for big games like this, some people want all of the information they can get, no matter how big of a spoiler it is. Such information is inevitably shared further, and by then people are having the game spoiled for them. It's not technically the fault of these two companies, but it is a spectacular lack of foresight on Sony and Rockstar's parts, and an unfortunate blight on one of the last big games exclusive to the current console generation.

Sound off in the comments with what you think about the GTAV leaks, and PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL THE ENDING FOR ANYONE. Stay tuned to Gameskinny for more GTAV news.

Published Aug. 25th 2013

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