7 more games that should follow World of Warcraft to Hollywood (with dream casts)

5. Bioshock

A movie adaptation of Bioshock very nearly came into existence (the image above is concept art from the project) but after several attempts to finalize a deal with Universal, creator Ken Levine pulled the plug. Part of the reason was the poor reception suffered by Watchmen; Universal wanted a hard R-rated Bioshock, and after the failure of Zack Snyder’s superhero movie the studio decided to drop the allocated budget from $200 million to £80 million.

This didn’t sit well with director Gore Verbinski, who subsequently quit the project. Levine wasn’t happy with the replacement director, and so the Bioshock movie was cast into limbo.

After all this, Verbinski went on to direct the $225 million The Lone Ranger. Turns out even a massive budget, a famed director and Johnny Depp can’t save some things.

In all fairness, Bioshock would likely be a very difficult movie to make. Verbinski was right about it needing a massive budget, and the movie version would require some good writing to incorporate the themes of choice, religion, socialism, class, etc in order to make it appealing enough to the masses without diluting the essence of what the game is about. But maybe one day all these different production elements will come together and we’ll get the Bioshock movie that fans deserve.

Protagonist: Assuming it’s based on Infinite’s Booker DeWitt, it’s got to be Mad Men’s Jon Hamm. The actor looks so much like DeWitt you would think the game designers used him as reference material.

Antagonist: Going with Infinite's Zachary Hale Comstock, I would choose General Zod himself: Michael Shannon. Tall, imposing and with the kind of voice you feel compelled to obey; give Shannon a beard and he’d make a perfect leader of the founders.

Published Nov. 10th 2015

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