7 more games that should follow World of Warcraft to Hollywood (with dream casts)

3. Dead Space

Even though there have been two rather good animated movies, Dead Space is ripe for the live-action treatment. In fact, the horror maestro himself and a big fan of the franchise, John Carpenter, has expressed an interest in getting involved in the project.

A movie adaptation has the potential to be a real stomach-churner, provided it contains the same amount of blood, violence and body horror seen in the game. Carpenter talking the helm would be a great sign - as the man who directed The Thing, he knows plenty about creating scares using horribly mutated monsters.

Dead Space’s Church of Unitology plot would certainly work well in a movie adaptation, much like it does in the animations. And while it could be based on any (or all) of the games, the USG Ishimura-set first entry would likely be the best option, invoking the same sense of isolation and dread that the original Alien movie managed to do so well.

Protagonist: It’s probably because of their previous roles in sci-fi movies, but I can imagine either Michael Fassbender or Jim Caviezel taking on the role of Isaac Clarke

Antagonist: There are a few antagonists in the Dead Space series, but if we’re sticking with the first one then I’d pick True Lies bad guy Art Malik for the role of Dr. Challus Mercer

Published Nov. 10th 2015

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