Destiny to be PlayStation Exclusive in Japan

Destiny's PlayStation exclusive launch will have an effect on all three major consoles.

E3 2014 brought, as usual, a surge of excitement, news, and momentum to the gaming industry this past week. Gamers finally began to taste the arrival of the much anticipated Destiny as we realize that it's actually on the horizon, set to release on September 9th of this year.

Meanwhile, the tumultuous journey that has been the Wii U seemed to turn a corner. From Zelda to Super Smash Bros., the future of the Wii U finally seems to be bright.

Destiny is a Playsation Exclusive in Japan

One of the Wii U's (and Nintendo in general) strongest areas has been Japan. Microsoft has never found success with their consoles there, and the Xbox One still has yet to launch in the country. The Xbox One is, however, slated to be released a week after Destiny's PlayStation 4 version is shipped out, and Activision has stated that they have no current plans to produce a Japanese version of the game for Xbox One.

In a weird way, this simple declaration affects all three consoles. Destiny is sure to sell plenty of copies for Sony's PlayStation 4, while the lack of hype and support the game would bring to the Xbox One can help Nintendo's Wii U legitimately compete, and quite possibly, dominate the Xbox One in sales.

With Nintendo's decent success in Japan already in place, the solid slate of upcoming games is sure to bring the company back to a respectable stance in the console wars without the Xbox One to worry about.

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Published Jun. 18th 2014

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