Airmech Arena Brings Real Time Strategy to Xbox 360

AirMech Arena brings fast-paced, free to play MOBA action to Xbox 360.

Carbon Games, featuring several of the developers behind the critically acclaimed Fat Princess game, have brought their free to play real-time strategy game AirMech Arena to Xbox 360. 

AirMech, already on PC and available on Steam Early Access, allows players to control giant transforming mechs that capture and protect bases in mech MOBA action. Players can choose between nine of these mechs, each with their own unique features and upgrades. There are several game types, including multiplayer co-op and single player campaigns. 

The game is billed as free-to-play (and the Steam version claims to be "fair" free to play) but there are in-game purchases.  Additionally, Ubisoft is offering a "Starter Pack" for $9.99 which offers players "Lifetime Silver VIP, unlimited solo rewards and more!" as well as AirMech Arena Prime, which offers the chance to play all of the available in AirMech classes, and all the benefits $19.99 can offer you. 

AirMech Arena is out now on Xbox 360. 

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Published Jul. 31st 2014

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