Want to get an inside peak on summer Nintendo releases in Japan?

Nintendo Direct for Japan releases airs Sunday, May 31st

Tune in this Sunday, May 31, 2015, for a Nintendo Direct dedicated to Japan summer releases. As for times, it will air at 7pm Japan time, which translates to 6 am ET or 3 am PT for those of us living in the states. This Nintendo Direct will primarily focus on titles to be released on Wii U and 3DS software.

Tweet Nintendo Japan released earlier today,
along with the English translation

We have high expectations for some updates on Fire Emblem If since it will be released in Japan on June 25th, 2015. Other than that, there have not been any spoilers on specifics, but since when have Nintendo surprises ever been a bad thing?

There have been no updates on similar upcoming Nintendo Directs for North America or Europe but keep your ears open for any upcoming buzz. Keep in mind, Nintendo will have its E3 segment on June 16th, 2015!

It’ll definitely be interesting to see what Nintendo has in store for Japan and see how it differs for the US.

Here’s where you can watch it when the stream goes live!


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Published May. 29th 2015

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