7 Best Overwatch Themed Bathing Suits For Your Summer

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Clear skies and sunny weather -- the summer season is drawing near! But before going off to the beach or pool, you might be wondering what swimsuit you should wear.

Instead of that striped bikini or your typical blue swim shorts, why not go to the beach with style -- Overwatch style?

These seven Overwatch-themed bathing suits can inspire you to look your best for the summer season. Without further ado, here are the best pieces of Overwatch swimwear to check out!


Cool Off Bikini -- Mei

Designed by Diana Nomster

For Colossalcon 2016, Nomster created this bikini cosplay with a light blue frost design, which adds a hood on her bikini top. She topped off the whole look by including a personal water gun to beat the summer heat. No heat wave can beat Mei, especially with this look!

One-Shot One Piece -- Widowmaker

Designed by KikiCraft

Looking at this swimsuit, fans can notice the similar elements between the original and KikiCraft's design. With its definite purple color and low-cut front, this one-piece summer bathing suit is fitting for any Widowmaker fan.

Battle Gear Swimsuit -- Soldier 76

From Fitness To Cosplay's Swimwear Line

For OkamaCon 2017, Fitness To Cosplay created an Overwatch swimwear line with the help of Jorge, who crafted the outfits, and Connie Creech and Yoh Asakura, who designed each look. 

This Soldier 76 inspired look comes with a sleeveless vest and swim shorts, sharing the same blue, white, and black color scheme as the original character. Dank Daddy models with a large water gun and sunglasses to give off Solider's vibe.


The Hacker's Tankini-- Sombra

From Fitness To Cosplay's Swimwear Line

Also included in Fitness To Cosplay's swimwear line, Isabelle Scott shows off their outfit's high waist bottom and front-covered top along with Sombra's hacking gloves. This Sombra bathing suit contains elements similar to the original character design, like the purple and pink color schemes and logo. 

Simple and Black Two-Piece -- Reaper

From Fitness To Cosplay's Bathing Suit Line

If Reaper had a swimwear skin, it would definitely be this design. From Fitness To Cosplay, Asakura models one of his designs with this simple, black Reaper look. It comes with a sleeveless hoodie and spandex swim bottoms. With its mask and dual water guns, this outfit makes anyone ready to beat the summer heat.


Clean and Sexy One Piece -- Mercy

Designed by Daren Devis

Daren Devis created this Mercy inspired swimsuit for her Esty cosplay store, North Lights Mastery. Not only the look shows off anyone's summer body, but its similar color schemes and detailed logo makes this outfit great for Mercy fans.

Combat Ready Bikini -- D.Va

Designed by Miko

To prepare for the summer, Miko designed this D.Va-like bikini and tops of the look with D.Va's whiskers and headphone set. As seen in the photo, the bottom flares out with a skirt-like fabric while the top comes with a black and blue color scheme and a tiny bow at the center. Cute and active -- this look does a great job, living up to D.Va's character.



There you have it! From detailed designs like KikiCraft's Widowmaker outfit to simple swimwear like Fitness To Cosplay's Reaper look, these seven designs and outfits can get any Overwatch fan ready and inspired for the summer. 

So my fellow heroes, instead of sticking with a plain bathing suit, try getting an outfit that shows off your excitement for the summer season while expressing your love for Overwatch!

Published Apr. 29th 2017


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