Tree of Savior - How to get from Orsha to Klaipeda (and vice versa)

Your guide for walking from Orsha to Klaipeda or vice versa to save you the headache of wandering around.

The trek from Orsha to Klaipeda is a daunting one for low level players. There are 20 total maps between the two earliest cities you come across in Tree of Savior with their levels ranging from level 6 to level 123--it is indeed fairly intimidating.

The journet itself is longer than it is difficult. Monsters in the areas between Klaipeda and Orsha do not automatically aggro to players for the most part so there isn't much to worry about. It just takes a little time and patience to get to your destination.

This guide will show the maps and where the paths to the next maps are, starting with Orsha and ending at Klaipeda.

Players starting at Klaipeda wanting to make the journey to Orsha on foot should start with the bottom map, East Siauliai Woods, and work their way up among the images.

But before the map screenshots, here are the order of maps for both walks.

Order of maps for players walking from Orsha to Klaipeda:

  1. Woods of the Linked Bridges (Level 8)
  2. Paupys Crossing (Level 12)
  3. Koru Jungle (Level 29)
  4. Knidos Jungle (Level 32)
  5. Dadan Jungle (Level 36)
  6. Karolis Springs (Level 57)
  7. Letas Stream (Level 61)
  8. Gateway of the Great King (Level 58)
  9. Sunset Flag Forest (Level 123)
  10. Dvasia Peak (Level 120)
  11. Saknis Plains (Level 114)
  12. Poslinkis Forest (Level 112)
  13. Owl Burial Ground (Level 109)
  14. Entrance of Kateen Forest (Level 106)
  15. Tenet Garden (Level 35)
  16. Nefritas Cliff (Level 32)
  17. Gele Plateau (Level 29)
  18. Srautas Gorge (Level 26)
  19. Miners' Village (Level 12)
  20. East Siauliai Woods (Level 6)

Order of maps for players walking from Klaipeda to Orsha:

  1. East Siauliai Woods (Level 6)
  2. Miners' Village (Level 12)
  3. Srautas Gorge (Level 26)
  4. Gele Plateau (Level 29)
  5. Nefritas Cliff (Level 32)
  6. Tenet Garden (Level 35)
  7. Entrance of Kateen Forest (Level 106)
  8. Owl Burial Ground (Level 109)
  9. Poslinkis Forest (Level 112)
  10. Saknis Plains (Level 114)
  11. Dvasia Peak (Level 120)
  12. Sunset Flag Forest (Level 123)
  13. Gateway of the Great King (Level 58)
  14. Letas Stream (Level 61)
  15. Karolis Springs (Level 57)
  16. Dadan Jungle (Level 36)
  17. Knidos Jungle (Level 32)
  18. Koru Jungle (Level 29)
  19. Paupys Crossing (Level 12)
  20. Woods of the Linked Bridges (Level 8)

These are screenshots I took during the walk from Orsha to Klaipeda myself and hence are not complete map shots, but they do the job. As a reminder, players starting in Klaipeda should follow these images in reverse.

Woods of Linked Bridges (Level 8)

Paupys Crossing (Level 12)

Koru Jungle (Level 29)

Knidos Jungle (Level 32)

Dadan Jungle (Level 36)

Karolis Springs (Level 57)

Letas Stream (Level 61)

Gateway of the Great King (Level 58)

Sunset Flag Forest (Level 123)

Dvasia Peak (Level 120)

Saknis Plains (Level 114)

Poslinkis Forest (Level 112)

Owl Burial Ground (Level 109)

Entrance of Kateen Forest (Level 106)

Tenet Garden (Level 35)

Nefritas Cliff (Level 32)

Gele Plateau (Level 29)

Srautas Gorge (Level 26)

East Siauliai Woods (Level 6)

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Published Mar. 30th 2016
  • Joseph_4799
    I don't agree with your gateway of the great king picture. There is no warp on the top of the map, it is on the lower right landmass. Everything else is pretty awesome, though, had an easy time traversing

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