The Avengers Project Better Not Be as Bad as These 10 Marvel Trainwrecks

X-Men: Destiny (2011)


Oh X-Men: Destiny, the game we never asked for. Remember the X-Men Legends games? They eventually expanded into the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series. The last one of those titles came out in 2009 in the form of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. It was an awesome game that many wanted to see a sequel from.

So what did Activision do in 2011? Tripped all over themselves and released a game nobody actually wanted.

What was the main pull for Marvel Ultimate Alliance? The characters, of course! Playing as iconic Marvel superheroes in a comic book-like battle against evil was hard to resist.

Well if you like that, then Activision has the game for you. It stars generic, made-up mutants that you get to pick from! You'll get helped by iconic characters from the X-Men comics -- but don't worry, we've barred you from playing as them so you can focus on the one-dimensional character you chose in the beginning!

I get what they were going for here. They wanted something new and exciting from the X-Men franchise, but they were completely tone deaf to what the audience wanted. The gameplay was also lackluster and full of button mashing. All we really wanted was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3... Or X-Men Legends 3... Or literally just anything besides this.

Published Feb. 8th 2017

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