The Highest Grossing Video Game Movie of All Time is Losing Money

Despite entertaining fans, Warcraft has lost an estimated $15 million.

Despite its overwhelmingly positive reception among fans and grossing more than $430 million worldwide, the Warcraft movie is in financial danger.

Domestically, the film only made $45 million. However, other countries around the world, mostly China, boosted the film's revenue to $220 million. This helped Warcraft exceed Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for the highest grossing video game adaptation of all time. But unfortunately, its worldwide success won't be enough to save their money.

IGN has reported that the film will lose an estimated $15 million, despite breaking records in China. On top of that, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the film may lose $30-$40 million, according to some industry executives.

However, a $20 million merchandising pact and a $24 million digital rights deal with China may counterbalance the loss. Despite this, the significant loss of money may dampen the chances of a sequel. A sequel was originally planned to adapt the second game -- but after this deficit, Warcraft fans are going to have to cross their fingers.


Published Aug. 15th 2016

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