Rise of Flight Puts Gamers in the Cockpit

Excalibur's Rise of Flight: Channel Battles puts gamers in the cockpit of the greatest planes of WW1. Your job is to clear the skies above the Western Front.

Gamers spending their time flying above the clouds looking for a good fight have a few more tough missions to complete playing one of the latest WW1 games.

Developer of some of the best flight simulators, Excalibur, recently announced a deal with 1C Game Studios to publish Rise of Flight: Channel Battles. Just one of Excalibur’s combat flight simulators, Rise of Flight puts players in the flight cockpit of 25 aircraft, which were first seen in the skies over the Western Front during WW1.


Gamers fight to the death, without parachutes, against opposing fliers just as determined to win in planes made of canvas and wood. Gamers can expect to get the call to assemble-for-battle around February 7, 2014. Learn more about this new combat flight simulator, view screenshots and read the latest news on the development of the game here. If you want to experience the adventure and fun of WW1 air combat, play Rise of Flight.

Published Jan. 29th 2014

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