Xbox One's New Update Features - What Is New And How They Work

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With this new update, non-Xbox Live Gold members will be able to access all of the available apps without having to purchase the Gold subscription.

You will be able display your real name on your profile, which will be next to your gamer-tag. You will also be able to choose which one of your friends can actually see it. You can customize this by going to "My profile" and selecting "Name share settings."

The Xbox One SmartGlass got a ton of new features to it, one of them is that the activity feed of your friends is automatically displayed on the home screen of it. Another cool feature is that if one of your friends start broadcasting on Twitch, you will be notified and can choose to view their streams on your tablet or smartphone.

From your tablet or smartphone, you'll be able to rearrange your favorite pins on the home screen for your Xbox One. There will also be a universal SmartGlass remote that will be coming out soon, this will allow gamers to control the TV volume or AV volume how ever you want. The remote can also be use to switch between your TV channels that are connected to the console itself.


The basic compatibility requirement is a USB 3.0 Compatible Drive with 256 GBs or more available. You will then plug it into the console and it will then recognize the compatible USB drive. The console will then ask you if you want to format storage device, then by doing this, the console will then make the device the default storage for any content you download in the future.

If you try to download something but then run out space for the USB device, the Xbox One will automatically transfer that content to internal storage drive. You can also take the USB drive with you and use that content to play on another console at your friend's house.

One more feature that was requested by many gamers was the "Auto Sign-in" feature. By going to "Settings," click on "Preferences" and then select the option that says "Instant sign-in." After choosing the gamer-tag you want, that particular gamer-tag will automatically sign in whenever the console in turned on.

Published Jun. 5th 2014

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