5 Star Wars Games That Need to Make a Comeback With The Last Jedi

Star Wars Battlefront

By: LucasArts

This one may seem too easy, as it's an easy target because DICE's Battlefront, but it wouldn't be talked about so often if it wasn't true. We want to see the true Star Wars Battlefront return.

What does that entail? A story. What made Star Wars Battlefront II so special was the story following the 501st Legion of Clone Troopers. After Order 66, you followed them as Stormtroopers. Each mission had objectives that made sense and every one of them felt different from the last.

In DICE's Battlefront, it just feels like Battlefield with a few changes. There are plenty of people who may say otherwise, but the point is there is no story to be invested in, just one deathmatch after another. Is the gameplay fun? Sure! But it's the characters and story that make Star Wars special.

Another thing to note: The old LucasArts Battlefront games had their own skirmish maps called Instant Action. These maps were more-or-less what DICE did, the difference being that it's merely one mode in the old games and the entire package in the new one. It does leave something to be desired. But if DICE insists on keeping the new Battlefront an online-only deathmatch-fest, then maybe the other games on this list can fill in the need for Star Wars lore.

Published Feb. 1st 2017

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