Play Half-Life on your smartwatch

Half-Life can now be played on your smartwatch. It is much cooler in theory than in practice though.

If you have an Android smartwatch and are tired of not being able to play Half-Life on it, then your prayers have been answered. Youtuber  Dave Bennett has achieved this incredible feat and even provides a tutorial so that you can do it yourself.

Obviously the ability to play the game with touch controls on such a tiny screen is more impressive than it is useful. It's more of a cool thing to see than anything that people are actually likely to do.

In his video, Bennett demonstrates the game in action and mentions that the frame rate wavers between as high as 60 and as low as 2 frames per second. Obviously in practice it is a pretty useless thing to be able to do, and practically unplayable to any enjoyable level, but you have to be impressed with what Bennett managed to achieve.

Who knows, perhaps speedruns of games on unusual devices will become a whole new category. I would certainly watch someone trying to speedrun Half-Life on a watch.

Would you ever want a game running on your smartwatch? Would you play Half-Life on Android Wear just for fun? Let us know below.


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Published Jul. 25th 2015

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