Lionhead Studio opens Fable forum. Will we get to fart in public yet again with Fable IV?

Mysterious Lionhead Studio blog post hints at upcoming announcement of Fable IV.

Ready yourselves heroes of Albion, because you may be getting another epic adventure! A very curious post on the Lionhead Studios website hints heavily at a new Fable game in the works. The post encourages players to sign up for the new forum and discuss their favorite things about the series. New members who sign up within the first two weeks of the forum launch will get a special founders badge to signify that you were there from the beginning.  It seems as though the studio is trying to gain some momentum and set the rumor mill spinning.The real question that everyone is asking is if Lionhead will be announcing this new game at E3 this year. Microsoft could use a heavy-hitter franchise like this one to help come back off of that especially disappointing Xbox One reveal. And now, here is a video demonstrating the real reason everyone wants another Fable. 


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Published Sep. 1st 2017

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