A Lady Must Always Look Her Best

I'm the human version of Chauncey von Snuffles III. You may call me Bubbles, darling, everybody does.

When a lady goes out in public she must simply always look her best.Fancy cat competition? Look your best!Representing your world in WvWvW? Look your best!Killing local wildlife and helping the natives? Look your best!This set was designed with wings/feathers and the thought of high-flying fashion! It is a mixed outfit, dyed with golds and silvers, with a set of good sturdy boots (for when you have to drudge though swamps to kill a Behemoth).Want to look like me? Here is your chance darlings! Feathered Headpiece Conjurer Mantle Winged Tunic Fire God's Vambraces Winged Pants Apprentice Shoes Optional: Plush Quaggon Backpack


Published Feb. 8th 2018
  • leksical
    Great mix, looks very natural!

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