Die in 100 Ways - Guide to beating some of the more irritating minigames

Here are some tips to push past some of the more pesky minigames.

Die in 100 Ways is pretty brutal -- especially actually pulling off some of the minigames. I don't know how many times I've drowned, fallen to my death, set off a giant explosion.. the list goes on. And I'm frustrated every time.

Getting better at Die in 100 Ways requires effort. You have to mentally prepare yourself as you watch your score tick up and brace for what's to come. You have to have some pretty crazy reflexes. And lastly, you should hold your mobile device a certain way. It's more complicated that it looks.

Below are some of the more confusing or irritating minigames you'll encounter early on and later in the game. And with the first one, I'll explain what I mean by holding your mobile device properly.

Reaching the oxygen tank

Oxygen tank minigame

You will almost always die on the minigame once things get fast if you are holding your phone or tablet upright. If you hold it flat horizontally and look down instead of holding your device upright and looking straight at it, he won't automatically swim to the bottom and make it impossible to reach the oxygen tank in time.

You should hold your phone flat the entire time you play. Getting this minigame when your phone is upright is sure death at faster speeds, and there is no way to tell if it's coming up next.

Tilt your phone upside down and adjust for the angle to reach the tank.

Avoiding lightning

Lightning minigame

This one is pretty simple and usually easy, but here's a tip for when things get fast:

Don't move until you see which cloud gets dark. Don't get into the habit of swiping left to right to avoid them. Just wait to see what's coming, then move if you need to.

Getting the red book

Library minigame

This one's super simple but can be confusing to some. Just press your finger on the screen and slide it left until the white dotted line touches the book, then let go.

Avoiding the manholes

Sewer minigame

This one isn't difficult, but you do have to be prepared for it. This and the oxygen tank can really throw you for a loop when they start showing up - although, you do not have to tilt your phone for this one.

Always be prepared to swipe up or down before a minigame comes up to avoid immediately falling into a manhole on this one once the game speeds up.

Staying on the treadmill

Treadmill minigame

This one's pretty simple, but you need to be careful with your taps. Just tap quickly two or three times to stay on the treadmill and tap slowly with his speed to keep him from going too fast or slow.

Opening the toilet doors

Bathroom minigame

You must swipe from the door handles. Swiping in the middle of the doors will do nothing, and a single mistake means sure death once things speed up.

Opening the safe

Calculator minigame

This is another one you have to keep in mind when you're about to start the next minigame. The numbers disappear faster as you progress, and they get longer to boot.

See the numbers as the minigame starts, say them out loud, and enter them. Good luck.

Dropping the chandelier

This one's super simple. Just tilt your phone in the same direction the chandelier is swinging. You should be able to get it in one or two swings.

Tilting the parachute

Parachute minigame

This one works a lot like the chandelier minigame, except your goal is to keep the guy upright.

You generally do not need to tilt to the far left or right for very long. Tilt gently and he should land safely every time.

These are only a few of the minigames found in Die in 100 Ways, but some are the biggest hurdles you're going to run into at all. This is especially the case with the oxygen tank one, which is pretty unfair as is.

If you're trying to unlock the second area, check out my guide to reaching 30,000 points without spending any money.

Published Dec. 7th 2015
  • jiating
    I think the game was fun
  • jiating
    I think the game was fun
  • Jes_6216
    Have you gotten all of the achievements? I'm missing four of the "hidden" achievements and I can't figure out what they are for the life of me. Any help would be much appreciated!

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