League of Legends Champions to Appear in This Upcoming 2D Fighter

League of Fighters, an indie 2D fighting game with champions from League of Legends, has just gotten the Riot Games stamp of approval.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it looks like Riot Games got the memo––a group of fans has recently come together to develop League of Fighters, a 2D fighting game featuring League of Legends champions, and Riot gave them their blessing:

"We’ll start with our golden rule––you can use League of Legends IP as the basis for a fan project that you’re giving away for free or that’s only generating ad revenue, as long as you comply with the guidelines outlined below for using our IP. As a matter of fact, as long as you comply with our Guidelines, we think it’s great if you create awesome, free and original content for League of Legends fans."

The indie game is ambitious; among its proposed features are controls similar to Smash Bros."so it still feels good on anything from a keyboard to a stick"; a gank system, reminiscent of Marvel vs. Capcom's assists, so champions who are less apt for one-on-one combat can still have a chance in the spotlight; and summoner spells, so each player has a special skill of his own choosing. Not to mention multiple modes and an original soundtrack.

Needless to say, the tiny development team, Instaburst, has a lot of work to take care of in the months ahead of release. But as soon as that's all finished, be sure to pick this promising title up, all for the magical price of––that's right, thank you Riot––free.

Be sure to check out the first look at the game in the trailer above, and leave your thoughts and comments below!

Published Jul. 17th 2013
  • Alectrolytes
    Pretty excited. More league during queue times.

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