9 Games We Want to Experience in Virtual Reality (VR)

For Honor

Ever wonder who would win a fight between a knight, a viking, and a samurai? If so, then this game is for you (and it probably still is, even if you never wondered). While it has its fair share of issues, like connectivity and microtransactions, For Honor has a very rewarding fighting system. If the game solved all of its issues and came out on VR, it would be a truly great experience. Who doesn’t want to grab the nearest sword and beat up on any unfortunate soul who dares come near them? The 3D environments in the game would be especially great to experience in VR, combat would bring entirely new challenges, it would be a great workout, and the arenas are small enough to traverse easily. There's almost no reason why this shouldn't work as a VR game.

Published Jan. 28th 2018

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