GTA V Has Already Reached 2 Million Downloads on Steam

GTA V is truly Rockstar's greatest creation.

Although Grand Theft Auto V was released just a couple weeks ago on Steam, it has already reached the 2 million download mark, says Steam Spy. Rockstar can give itself a well-deserved pat on the back. 

The game had already been released on gaming consoles back in September 2013, but this new number from Steam Spy does not include the games sold since then. Even so, GTA V is a game that has proven it is able to shine on all platforms, be it old generation Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, or new generations with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, as well as PC.

GTA V has become the most played game on Steam, kicking Skyrim off of its throne. It looks like GTA V could be well on its way to becoming the most played PC game for years to come. 

Crazy mods, crazy mods everywhere!

Although many mods have already been tested in the game, one of the most recent mods for GTA V causes whales to fall from the sky. Youtuber Merfish published a video on his channel showing these whales causing traffic jams, crushing cars and pretty much wreaking havoc in Los Santos' streets.

Check it out.


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Published Dec. 23rd 2019

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