Let's Talk - A chat about games beyond "just the game"

Let's Talk is an audio series dedicated to talking about games. Let's Talk can be reviews, questions, good games, personal impacts, and more!

We all love games. If we didn't, we wouldn't want to read about them and visit sites such as this. If we didn't care, no one would complain or care how a company sells its games to you. There wouldn't be a thriving game industry, and there wouldn't be gamers.

But we do care, so Let's Talk

It's this affection, this passion, that lead me to start writing. Now I want to take my writing further with a new YouTube series, called Let's Talk.

Let's Talk is all about highlighting the best parts of a game, the community, and the companies or people who create and sell you a game. Let's Talk about great game mechanics that need to be spoken about, even if the games fall short (I'm looking at you Wet). Let's Talk about the themes of a game, and what possible meaning they could have. Let's Talk is all about celebrating the best games -- and everything surrounding them -- have to offer. Who wants to love games again?

Hosted on the Shunned Of Society YouTube Channel, Let's Talk will be on an ad hoc basis with no fixed schedule. Why no schedule? Because good things don't happen at specific times, they surprise you and happen when they want to.

Be sure to subscribe so we can celebrate the exceptional things games have to offer.

What lead me to create Let's Talk?

Initially I wanted to do my part to educate gamers. To help us understand when a publisher, or developer, is misbehaving or milking money out of their games. Taking cues from TotalBiscuit or Jim Sterling, by talking about things that I thought people needed to hear. I've realised I wanted to take a different approach, they have that side extensively covered, so that's why I changed tact. To something I have experience in, playing games and loving them, which is where Let's Talk comes in.

It's time to throw out the negativity, the niggles, the nincompoops. It's time to once again love games!

Join me on my journey from hateful imbecile to happy intelligence with Let's Talk.

Which topics, or games, old or new, do you want me to talk about?

Published Jan. 25th 2016

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