Summer 2017's 4 Best .io Games

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Even with so many games trying to follow its success, is still the king of .io games. The fact that it inspired so many mimics is a testament to its design.

Gaining size sacrifices speed, allowing weaker blobs to escape from your grasp. This is a fantastic move, adding an element of skill and strategic depth to the pursuit. The split mechanic is another great element, allowing you to temporarily gain great momentum for potentially great reward -- but also at a higher risk of exposing yourself.

Finally, the spiked mines littering the arena ensure that even the mightiest players are not fully safe. A savvy player can launch one to explode a giant blob and reap huge rewards. And the best part? The speed mechanic ensures that the larger the player is, the harder it is for them to avoid it.

You can check out on its official website, and peruse our guides to get a few tips for playing.


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Published Jul. 25th 2017

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