Circles don't like lines: A Circle Review

Circle is a fun mobile game to kill some time with.

Circle is a game by Ketchapp Games. This game is for all mobile devices. 

Basic Controls and Idea

The only thing you really do in this game is tap the screen. When you tap the screen, the circle you are controlling will move up, when your finger is not on the screen it will fall. You can also get high scores like in most other games, and you don't want to touch the black line or it is game over. Throughout the game you can collect more and more diamonds the farther you go in the game.


In Circle, there are challenges. Some challenges are easy like "play 5 games," others are hard like "collect 27 diamonds in one game." There are 125 challenges in total.

Diamond Usage

You collect diamonds for one purpose, to buy new circles. You are not stuck with that boring yellow circle; you can by circles in the store for diamonds. But, of course, the cooler the circle, the more it costs. When you are buying the circle, you cannot see what the circle looks like just the price. Now if you don't want to spend your diamonds, you can also get some by completing a certain amount of challenges.


I have experienced a glitch mostly on the "collect 27 diamonds in one game" missions where in doesn't count a lot of the diamonds. This has also happened to me on the "collect 400 diamonds in total" challenges.

Similar Games

This game reminds me of Flappy Bird in a way in the way that you can't touch something or die. And that you travel through a path with obstacles that change height.

My thoughts

This game is different in the way where it restricts your movements throughout the entire game, unlike Flappy Bird. It is also is hard for the same reason and also it give you an objective that you have to do. I think this is a great game and that you should go try it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

Our Rating
Circle is a fun mobile game to kill some time with.
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Published Jun. 18th 2015
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