Race the Sun is free on Steam today

Race the Sun was launched today on iOS, so the developers behind FlippFly games is giving it away on Steam for free. Now's your chance to get this beautifully crafted solar craft game for free.

In honor of the iOS release of Race the Sun, the developers FlippFly are giving it out on Steam for free, and only for today.

What is Race the Sun?

Imagine playing a beautifully crafted version of Starfox, where the game is more fast-paced, and you aim for energy boosts that seem to reverse the setting sun. The race is entirely third-person, where you are in control of an solar craft and can move it through obstacles. Playing with either a controller or your keyboard, this game resembles Audiosurf in the boost seeking parts, just without the custom music.

"With the launch of the game on iOS today, and the DLC we launched for the game earlier in the week, we thought it would be a good time to revitalize the community on Steam and make more people aware of the game. Our experience has been that once people try the game, they love it — so if a few of these new Steam players decide to buy the DLC or the iOS version, that's even better." - FlippFly Games

If you feel that playing this game in the palm of your hand is a better choice, you can find it on the iOS store for $4.99, or play it on Steam for free. There are a couple DLCs available called Sunrise and Race the Sun Original Soundtrack

I've already picked up my copy and I can't wait to try it out. Are you going to grab it?

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Published Jul. 30th 2015
  • Geir Haugland
    I seem to remember MetalJesusRocks of YouTube fame singing the praises of this one. I went to claim my free-copy, and it turns out I already own it. Classic Steam.

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