Cool Minecraft skins to rock with you blocks out

Looking for some cool Minecraft skins or some inspiration for making your own? Check out these cool skins to get started!

Are you looking to stand out from the rest of the crowd of Steves on your Minecraft server? Do you want to add your own personal touch to your awesome builder avatar? Looking for a skin that expresses your own sense of humor, style, or sense of adventure? Look no further!

Here are ten cool Minecraft skins to help you get started or to spark your imagination!

Iron Man

Play as everyone's favorite Avenger! This skin comes with Tony Stark's classic armor look from the Iron Man franchise. Fits in awesomely in any fun, goofy, or high-tech map. Rocket boots and robot butler not included. 

Cool Boy

A classic. If you're not sure how you want to look but you know you want to look cool, this is the skin for you. Headphones, a hoodie, and sneakers, just how you run around IRL. Comes in blue, red, green, and other colors, and with tons of different designs. Find one that works for you!


Another classic. Nothing too fancy here, just a solid girl's skin for any Minecraft occasion. Skirt, blouse, and a flower in her hair, this girl's ready for whatever blocks are going to come her way. 

Finn the Human

It's Adventure Time! This hilarious skin lets you play as Finn (though if Jake is more your kind of guy you can get a skin for him too). It even includes his iconic facial expression. Go save some princesses n stuff.

Legend of Zela - Link

Play as the original Hero of Hyrule from Legend of Zelda. Whether you're exploring dungeons, chasing chickens, chopping bushes, or just trying to catch a horse, this is a great skin for all of your Minecraft adventures. Link fits in anywhere!


Terrify your friends with the faceless monster that inspired the Endermen! Play as the creepy Slenderman from Something Awful Forums and the Marble Hornets series -- make sure to lurk around trees, move weirdly, and stand right behind people when they're not paying attention.

Cool Kid with Creeper Hoodie

Another awesome way to express yourself and look like the cool dude or dudette that you are. This cool kid skin comes with awesome hair, sneakers, and a sweet hoodie with a creeper on it.


Whether you're actually trolling or not, this hilarious skin lets your friends (and enemies!) know what they're in for. Now you don't even need to say anything when you blow something up or trick someone into falling to their doom -- your trollface skin does the talking for you.

Ender Dragon

Tired of dying to the Ender Dragon? Spent way too much time getting to the end before getting destroyed by that beast? Well now you're the dragon! Proclaim your victory over Minecraft's scariest baddie with this awesome Ender Dragon skin.


The most classic skin of them all. This Herobrine skin comes decked out with adventuring gear and a sweet beard -- he's all set for whatever craziness the world can throw at him. He's the hero(brine) Minecraft deserves.

Published Aug. 14th 2015

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