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The lowdown on what makes Blueprint Tycoon good and bad. Created by Endless Loop Studios, this indie game focuses on the supply chain processes that serve a new settlement.

Alongside the other city building, planning, and simulation games enters indie game Blueprint Tycoon. Created by Endless Loop Studios, Blueprint Tycoon takes a different approach to city building, focusing on the supply chain segment of crafting items. With minimal graphics the game can run smoothly for most players, but remains interesting as the focus is on the gameplay.

While the idea behind seeing the processes of how a building is planned is refreshing, the actual execution is not the most dazzling. The tutorial is a must play in order to learn what needs to be done, how to do anything, and what the buttons are for. After that, things are kicked up a notch for the “real” quests. Tips are given when things go wrong, such as workers being unable to reach a building or there being no routes. I found that trying to keep track of everything that was going on was rather confusing, since the graphics are simply designed, with many routes looking similar to others.

The routes, number of workers and how they gather and distribute materials are controlled by blueprints. When a building is initially constructed, it comes with a ready made blueprint. Newly created buildings start working as soon as its routes are established coming with their own incorporated blueprints, however, these blueprints are not necessarily the most efficient means of operating. The main goal is to complete quests and create a thriving civilization by editing and creating blueprints.

As the name, Blueprint Tycoon, suggests, creating blueprints is the focus of the game. At least it should be. But as the actual building is the last thing learned during the tutorial, it seemes that might be much more important. Even though editing blueprints makes for a more bustling society, the process was not clearly explained or reiterated enough to grasp how to make things work more efficiently.

The gameplay is fun, once you get the hang of things. Seeing something you build thrive, as well as complete quests and trade goals is a satisfying feeling. There is a lot of potential for the game. Things like streamlining the processes needed to get a building up and running, as well as a more in-depth tutorial would lead to a higher understanding of the game, and thus a more rewarding game experience.

If you do not mind the simple graphics and are looking for a game that really focuses on building and how those buildings function, then Blueprint Tycoon is the game for you. If you are looking for something fancy, with exquisite looking structures or mini people moving around your town, then you might want to stay away. Once you know how to play Blueprint Tycoon, it becomes an involved game which is sure to create hours of fun.

Game code provided by publisher for review.

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The lowdown on what makes Blueprint Tycoon good and bad. Created by Endless Loop Studios, this indie game focuses on the supply chain processes that serve a new settlement.
Reviewed On: PC
Published Sep. 3rd 2016

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