6 RPGs With Terrible Animations That Are Still Worth Your Time

World of Warcraft

Blizzard is too Busy Counting Benjamins to Care About Animations

There are a couple big reasons that WoW’s animations are bad:

  1. WoW is an old game - sure it has overgone some makeovers, but it at its core it is still an old game.
  2. It is an MMO - fancier graphics make it harder for people to run the game, thus reducing your viable demographic. It is a balancing act.

One of the aspects that make MMO animations look so bad, WoW’s in particular, is the way characters move. They hop and spin in mid-air in a way that is unnatural even for video games. They walk through other characters. Bulky armor often clips through level geometry, particularly in buildings. Attacks track an insane amount.

Alas, bad animations have not derailed this behemoth MMORPG as it has aged well over a decade plus.

Published Apr. 13th 2017

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