10 Channels to Watch if You Actually Want to Learn How to Play League of Legends

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During the early years of League of Legends, there was often intense discussion about who was the best player in their respective roles, and it was incredibly rare to not hear Froggen's name brought up for the mid lane. Most notable for his time on the world class CLG.eu team during Season 2 (later rebranded as Evil Geniuses), Froggen has since changed teams multiple times across both Europe and North America. While he's struggled to find success more recently, few would deny his individual skills even to this day.

Almost as well known as his competitive exploits are Froggen's prolific streaming habits. There is a veritable wealth of footage available from his many Twitch streams highlighting some very impressive mid-lane play. Froggen also holds multiple records for the most minions farmed in competitive games, so he's a great source to watch for getting tips on farming up gold. Finally, Froggen's play on Anivia is masterful, with thousands of games played on just that one champion. There's nowhere better to go for advice on playing the Cryophoenix.

Froggen regularly streams on Twitch. In addition, while not his official channel, you can find an unofficial YouTube channel that uploads many highlight reels and previous Twitch broadcasts.

Published Oct. 26th 2016

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