Paper Mario: Color Splash - How to open the hatch at the very start in Port Prisma

A quick and simple guide to Paper Mario: Color Splash's first and simple puzzle.

There are a lot of puzzles to unravel in Paper Mario: Color Splash and the very first one is thrown in your face within the game's first few minutes in Port Prisma. Luckily the game's very first puzzle is easy peasy as long as you have a keen eye.

When you arrive in Port Prisma and walk into the town square you come across what looks like a hatch with five colored off-shoots and three colored orbs in the middle. You have to light up the three orbs to unlock this hatch and progress.

The red and blue orbs are easier to figure out than the yellow, but here's how to light all three orbs and keep pushing forward in Color Splash. (Sorry, I took screenshots after finishing each task.)

Red orb

Go to the back brick wall of the square and look for a red brick sticking out of the wall. Jump under the brick to knock it back up into place to light the red orb.

You can see the red brick after being knocked into placed in this image.

Blue orb

Go to the front right side of the square and look for a set of four bricks sticking out of the ground. Press the B button and hammer the bricks back into the ground to light the blue orb.

Mario is facing the bricks in this image after hammering them.

Yellow orb

Go to the front left side of the square and take a good look at the flowerbed at the very front of the screen. Notice how the middle one looks a little off? Jump up onto the flowerbed and hold the A button next to the odd flower to set it right and light the yellow orb.

The middle flower is key.

As mentioned this puzzle is very simple! But I myself wandered around for a couple minutes trying to figure out how to light the yellow orb. Hopefully this short guide saves you some time so you can get on with the game and restore the color to Port Prisma and its surrounding areas.

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Published Oct. 9th 2016

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