Ashe Patch 5.9 Impressions in League of Legends

Our trusty archer has gotten an upgrade.

Ashe got a rework just yesterday for Patch 5.9 in League of Legends. In the video above, I take a look at her from a first impressions standpoint as a main support player.

First and foremost, Ashe has not changed too dramatically from how she was in the past. Although she has more damage potential with her new Ranger's Focus, she is still an ADC that must sit in the background in order to perform well. She is highly vulnerable to ganks. If you want to avoid them, then you will have to use her E well to get away long before they arrive. Thankfully, it can just fire off just about anywhere and holds up to two charges.

Like she has always been, Ashe is highly dependent on her support and the protection of tanks in teamfights. I expect that even after her new changes, her absolute worst enemies are going to be highly mobile assassins like Lee Sin, Kassadin, and Katarina. There's very little she can do once she has been successfully dived on except pray for tank peeling.

Major Changes

  • Frost Shot now a passive
  • She always crits for 110% damage (scaling with crit chance) when auto-attacking targets effected by frost shot. Cannot crit normally.
  • Ranger's Focus is her new Q ability, which has an activated attack speed buff, increased slow on her Frost Show passive, and deals increased damage per auto-attack if it's built up 5 stacks of Focus (by auto-attacking/hitting with volley - basically 5 hits)
  • Her Hawkshot no longer generates gold, now contains charges (max 2) with a longer base cooldown, and can reveal just about any location on the map from anywhere.
  • Her ult's slow (not the stun) is equal to her Frost Shot slow speed.
Published May. 16th 2015

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