Hanako Games is having a back-to-school sale through Aug. 31st

Hanako Games, the developer of popular games like Magical Diary and Long Live the Queen, is having a sale for all of their PC titles.

Indie game company Hanako Games is known for its cute, anime-inspired story games like Black Closet, Magical Diary, Science Girls!, and Long Live The Queen. The games tend to fit in the genres of visual novel and RPG, and commonly have several endings. While many of the more popular games are available via Steam, currently the developer is having a 30% off sale on ALL titles directly from the website if you use the code:


The latest title from Hanako Games.

Hanako Games describes themselves as fun-loving and girl-friendly in regards to how they approach games. The back-to-school sale is appopriate for the part of the fanbase that fits the school-age demographic, but the games are most popular with anime-fans who enjoy adventure and fantasy.

The available titles for Windows, Mac, and Linux include:

  • Black Closet
  • Sword Daughter
  • The Royal Trap
  • Long Live The Queen
  • Magical Diary
  • Date Warp
  • Science Girls!
  • Cute Knight Kingdom
  • Cute Knight Deluxe
  • Lucky Rabbit Reflex
  • Spirited Heart

Go ahead and indulge in the gorgeous art featured in all of Hanako Games' latest games. And if you really can easily figure out Long Live The Queen, take a cookie on your way out.

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Published Aug. 22nd 2015

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