Tree of Savior: How to enhance and attach gems

Get those gems in prime condition for some grinding. You know you're going to need them.

Like it or not, gems are one of the only ways to customize your equipment in Tree of Savior. And using them at level one is not really recommended.

Gems can be enhanced to heighten the effects of their stat gains and losses. A level one Red Gem will give +4 maximum attack and -1 minimum attack on weapons, while a level two Red Gem will give +6 maximum attack and -2 minimum. This trend continues as you level them and is a big part of your stat customization.

How to enhance gems

You can enhance gems when you sit. The command should be the third option on the sitting hotbar by default.

This will bring up the enhancement panel.

Here's where you make your (gem) magic! Well, not magic. It's not quite that exciting, but it does lead to some precious stat gains. That's sort of magical. You can right-click to add a gem to enhance.

You can enhance gems using either other gems or materials you find on your travels. A level one gem requires 300 EXP to reach level two, which isn't too bad.

You can get 300 EXP either by fusing three level one gems into the gem you want to keep (each level one gem gives 100 EXP) or several materials you have no use for.

Fusing up to level two is easy as it only requires 300 EXP. Level three requires 900 EXP, and level four requires 2700 EXP. It gets progressively more difficult to level your gems.

How to attach gems

Attaching gems easier than enhancing them, but you need to prepare your equipment's sockets first. This can be done at Zaras the Blacksmith in Klaipeda under 'Socket Management'. Zaras will unlock slots for you, but does not attach gems.

You must unequip any gear you want to add sockets to before Zaras will take care of it. Once done, you can right click it in your inventory for Zaras to work on.

Adding sockets costs Silver, with each socket opened costing more Silver than the last. This is the only Silver cost you incur when upgrading and attaching gems, as enhancing gems is free.

Actually attaching the gems is the easiest part of all: Simply right-click a gem in your inventory, then left-click on the item you want to attach it to. Voila! Your gem is attached.

The gem system can seem convoluted at first, but it's a simple process:

  1. Enhance your gems using the 'Gem Enhancement' command when you sit. This uses other gems and materials to level your important ones.
  2. Have the Blacksmith open sockets on your equipment for a fee
  3. Attach the gems directly from your inventory by right-clicking on them

It's super easy and it's a big part of staying on top of your game when both solo and in parties. Keep your progress steady and may the Goddesses bless your grinding parties with rare drops.

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Published Nov. 2nd 2015
  • Fox_4321
    Hello! Do you know why all my armor/weapons are saying "not possible on this item type" whenever I try to add a gem to a socket? For example, I am trying to add a Lvl 2 red gem to my +6 cafrison pants. I have looked all over the internet for an answer and have found nothing. Thank you for your help!!

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