Dragon Bros: A Run & Gun With Dragons and Robots

Play as a teenage dragon on the quest to save their mother who was kidnapped by evil robots.

Dragon Bros is a pixelated run and gun game inspired by Metal Slug, Broforce, and Super Time Force. The game is developed by Space Lizard Studio, and is planned to be released sometime in September 2016. It's currently climbing the charts on Steam Greenlight.

In Dragon Bros, you play as one of four teenage dragons on a mission to rescue their mother from evil robots called the mechaliches. There will be single player and two player co-op. The game has gorgeous and flashy pixel art and will run at 60FPS. Test out different weapons and power ups, such as machine guns, cannons, and lasers.

The game will be challenging, with dozens of different enemies to fight and attacks to dodge. If it's not difficult enough for you, there will be higher difficulty modes to challenge you. Explore an alien world, defeat bosses, save your dragon mother, and find out what the mechaliches are planning.

Check out Dragon Bros on Steam Greenlight or Indie DB, where you can also find a short playable demo of the game.

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Published Jul. 19th 2016

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