Destiny Will End Up Being the Most Overrated Game of All Time

Given all the hype surrounding this game, and the current fascination with open-world, multiplayer and shooters, it's inevitable.

I'm sure Destiny will be a great game. I'm sure it'll be lots of fun. That's not in dispute.

What is in dispute is its eventual place in history, and I have a feeling it will occupy a very lofty position when all is said and done. I'm not sure I agree with that. Granted, I haven't experienced the entire game just yet but like millions of other gamers, I did participate in the alpha and beta tests. I've said in the past that Destiny could end up being a legitimate Game of the Year candidate and I'm not backing away from that.

But I think we're going to be seeing some stupid high scores for this game and I'm just not 100 percent certain it'll deserve to be one of the highest-rated titles in history.

Let's face it: At its core, Destiny is just another shooter

An evolution of the genre? Sure, very likely. One of those hybrid multiplayer/MMO experiences that never really ends? Yup. Guaranteed to bring in another billion dollars for publisher Activision? Absolutely. That all being said, if we really dissect this game, what sits at its core? It's essentially another first-person shooter with a lot of cool features. It's Borderlands fused with Halo on steroids. It has a huge amount of potential and I'm hoping Bungie realizes that potential over the years.

But is this worthy of occupying one of the top spots in the annals of video game history? There's a very good chance that you'll see many perfect scores for Destiny, even if critics are only awarding those 10s based in part on the future potential of the game. This leads me to my other issue: If the game is going to continue to grow and expand over ten years, what does a review on launch day even mean...?

That's another topic for another time, but I have a feeling many reviewers will simply be staggered by the size, scope, ambition and fun factor of the production, and the 10s will flow like water.

I think we can all agree that it offers nothing new from a gameplay standpoint, so it would have to be evolutionary or revolutionary, right?

A shooter is a shooter. Destiny looks like a FPS and plays like a FPS. It features a big ol' open world and limitless multiplayer possibilities, and the depth is reminiscent of role-playing games. It will undoubtedly be a robust, rewarding adventure. But again, at its core, it's a shooter. The gameplay is nothing new; in fact, we've all experienced this type of game many times over. Now, a game doesn't have to be unique in order to be revered as one of the best ever, but it does need to stand out in some way.

This means Destiny will indeed have to feel like a giant step forward for the first-person shooter genre. It will have to leave all other FPSs in the dust. It will have to convince me that this is A. a defining next-gen experience and B. the ultimate FPS experience as compared to current and previous competition. I'm just not convinced I'll feel this way. And if I don't, and I see Destiny securing a 95 or 96 from Metacritic, I'm going to strenuously disagree.

There's a difference between a great game and a legendary game. Which will it be...?

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Published Sep. 2nd 2014
  • Someone who actually plays Destiny
    I don't think you should make any judgements like that from just playing the Alpha or Beta. The full game is rich with story and intrigue, the Vault of Glass redefined puzzles in a shooter. I don't think you know what you are ranting about. Yes it had crazy sales, yes it had a lot of hype, it also had an average play time of 3 hours per log in. It set benchmarks that won't be broken soon , if ever. It may not be the greatest game of all time, but you need to give credit where credit is due. Trashing a game you haven't played isn't really constructive.

    Destiny WILL be the most successful franchise title for a long time (don't forget that we are getting sequels, they are just getting warmed up). I don't think anyone will try and tell you it's "the best game ever". It was unquestionably a game I will never forget and will always adore.

    Please write about games that you have played, a beta test is less reliable than a demo. The beta had the lvl cap set at lvl8. With the current lvl cap at lvl30, the game is going to be much different and it doesn't seem like you've taken the time to see what they changed. They are paying an amazing amount of attention to the game and it's players. We are getting adjustments constantly based on community feedback (you won't see a Call of Duty game do that).

    Come down from your ivory tower, quit being a hater and TRY this remarkable game. "Best" game of all time is going to be a person to person opinion. Destiny is the going to be the first time a lot of fps players try RPG aspects. Most have enjoyed them. A select few, like yourself, thought that your tv would catch fire and you would start seeing the matrix when you dropped the game in your console. You got caught up in the hype, sorry you expected something and didn't get it. Destiny delivered EVERYTHING I was promised. I'm very happy with it.

    And to address the person who said Fallout 3 was better; Fallout 3 and New Vegas were messy and confusing, the VATS system was literally worthless. Fallout 3 was a nightmare. Destiny's simplicity is astonishingly comprehensive. You aren't getting less, it just doesn't feel as messy.
  • Rogers_7335
    It is definitely an overrated game. For me, it feels like an almost duplicate of Halo mixed in with some Mass Effect. It's incredibly limited on what you can do as far as customizations go, the story line is dull and forgettable. The story line actually seems like an exact remake of the Halo plot infused with Mass Effect. You know, save the world from some evil ancient aliens..blah blah blah.

    I mean, I'm still going to keep playing it. But probably for just as long as I played Titanfall, if that. There's just nothing memorable about this game. And in the long term, I think it's going to remain that way.
  • Furgonsen
    "This means Destiny will indeed have to feel like a giant step forward for the first-person shooter genre."

    *then he runs out and buys Halo Master Chief Collection......
  • Darkfear_1009
    What Destiny needs are dogs and fishes that move out of the way.
    Some people say you don't start really playing the game until you reach level 20. I just hope it doesn't become a one dimensional game. Sometimes simplicity can be golden, I just hope the game won't become too convoluted that people will loose interest in it.
  • Dirk_7586
    If this game wants to impress me it will need to have the gameplay, RPG and mission elements that make games like Fallout 3 stand out. Right now the story and missions do not seem to carry that weight. According to the beta in 5 hours I played 27% of the story missions. Right now the shooter mechanics are great, but the story, missions, and RPG elements seem limited. The MMO aspect is what I consider the least fun part of the game because I have no interest in playing with anyone except friends and I don't have a lot of those who will want to play this game. Right now I am at a wait and see approach.
  • medman_9866
    There is no way the award for most overrated game of all time goes to Destiny.....Titanfall wins that award hands down. The hype that game received from the gaming media was unparalled, and all for a 6v6, multiplayer only, non destructible environment, 792p gaming experience with very little depth to combat and bots as dumb as rocks despite "only possible with the cloud"...just complete rubbish nonsense. Titanfall came and went quicker than feces through a duck. In fact, I think the author even forgot about it, otherwise certainly it would have been named in the article.
  • Bogdan Labagiul
    Played the BETA and i havent been impressed, it felt like an half assed attempt of a Borderlands in a "open world" not so open or big and with a lobby on 16 players ala GTAOnline where you can dance and thats all about it.
    The hype is big for this game and many will be dissapointed.
  • alexthepie
    goto agree at a time when the feild is pretty empty of alternatives everyone will hail(o) the second comming lol I dont trust a lot of reviews anymore fifa 14 would be a perfect example its terrible not even half as good and half the game modes of 13 but it was the best fifa ever according to a lot of mainstream reviews, things like that make me believe strongly in backhanders to reviewers, why have a game sell poorly when you can pay reviers to boost your sales.

    anyhow i digress good article unlike many we will see next week its on the money ;)
  • zoka_8259
    I really don't understan
  • Justyn_2189
    Well, that's the great thing about Opinions.. everyone is welcome to have their own! I came into Destiny as a disbeliever.. and the Alpha / Beta turned my thoughts towards day one purchase, intact I went right out and got me a Ghost Edition asap. I haven't looked back, I read a lot of your articles off of N4G, I would love for you to add me on PSN - LoVe4DaGaMe, we should definitely play some together, and I am looking into getting into streaming / writing articles.. maybe we can talk a bit about me getting a small time gig with your website.. etc..

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