7 Things Link's Awakening on Switch Needs To Modernize

The Button Interface

Our old friends, the giant grey brick and its colorful little sibling, didn’t have much to offer in the way of button combinations or expansive interface options. Still, they did the best they could with what was available, and it was good enough for several Zelda installments, including the original Link’s Awakening.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it was optimal though, as swapping between items and weapons was a bit of a nuisance, especially when having to choose between different songs for the ocarina. However, the Switch isn’t the Game Boy or Game Boy Color.

Nintendo's newest console has exponentially more input options, and opting to make the new version of Link’s Awakening a one-to-one port would be a serious mistake. That is, only being able to use two of the buttons to assign weapons would be a complete waste of the Switch’s abilities.

Hopefully, Nintendo will instead let players assign different items to all four face buttons, and potentially the shoulder buttons as well. It would create a much more user-friendly experience and solve the headache that was inventory management in the old Game Boy Zelda games.

Published Feb. 26th 2019

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