7 Things Link's Awakening on Switch Needs To Modernize

The Soundtrack

Early Zelda games introduced gamers to fantastic new worlds, full of adventure, danger, magic, and puzzles. The series' overworld theme is one of the most recognizable pieces of video game music around, and there’s no denying that it added a lot to the atmosphere and made the games more enjoyable for many players.

There’s also no denying that, after a while, it gets a little old. This is more true in Link’s Awakening than, say, Link to the Past, because the latter, at least, changed things up from time to time — Death Mountain and the Dark World, for instance.

Koholint Island is a big place, which means that players hear the overworld theme, on loop, a lot when playing through the original version. Hopefully, some new tracks will be added to the Switch release. There are some perfect opportunities to create excellent pieces here, music that blends with the various distinct areas on the island — the beach, Tal Tal Heights, Gopongo Swamp, and Ukuku Prairie.

Even if Link’s Awakening for Switch ends up being more of a remaster than a remake, simply adding in a new soundtrack, to improve immersion and make every area as complete as possible, would go far in creating a new experience and justifying the game's existence.

Published Feb. 26th 2019

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