Mythic Entertainment to Close Its Doors

Electronic Arts is shutting down Mythic studio in Fairfax, Virginia.

Electronic Arts (EA) is shutting the doors on Mythic Entertainment (or EA Mythic) after almost 20 years of development. EA purchased Mythic Entertainment back in 2006. Mythic Entertainment was originally founded in 1995.

Mythic Entertainment has been known for several large MMOs:

  • Dark Age of Camelot (MMO)
  • Ultima Forever (MMO)
  • Warhammer Online (MMO)

The only of those three titles made prior to the EA purchase is Dark Age of Camelot. EA Mythic also created the mobile game of a remake, Dungeon Keeper. This title is the last to come from Mythic.

According to EA, the Mythic site in Fairfax, Virginia, is the place that is closing. As EA furthers their foray into mobile development, the development of such titles are changing to other EA studios. Employees at Mythic will find help through their employer either by direct transfer within the company or through a job fair by the company.

Published May. 30th 2014

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