Can Nintendo Take Its Crown Back?

Can Nintendo ever be #1 again when it comes to home consoles?

We all know Nintendo was once the king of home consoles. No matter how good another companies console was, Nintendo's was still over-all better.

Over the last handful of consoles, they have seem to have lost their touch. The Wii U was a major let down and never did really take off at all. It has had some well selling titles, but it still has yet to get that one title that would make people rush out and buy a Wii U.

The Wii U was launched with an 8GB and a 64GB version, during a time when many gamers want to be able to download their games. Also, with so many titles releasing DLC after DLC, you just don't have the room on your Wii U for it all.

Nintendo's answer for this was, "Oh, just buy an external hard drive.", some did. Of course, many gamers want their hard drives within the console itself, not sitting next to it.

So, what could Nintendo do to make the NX console a huge hit? They need a console that is as powerful if not even more so than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 or at least close to them. It needs a lot of RAM and stronger processor and, of course, a pretty big hard drive.

They need to offer an online service such as Xbox Live to really compete with Microsoft and Sony. If they could make one that is as good as Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus, most people would easily slap down $50 - $60 a year for it.

On top of all that if they would release some major titles quickly for the NX they would take back their crown. We would need games such has a Mario 64 style game, an all-new Legend of Zelda or a Metroid game. At least one of these would really need to be a launch title.

The problem is they are always stating they are not planning on going up against Sony and Microsoft. If they would do that it would help everyone out. They would release better consoles and it would make Sony and Microsoft step up their game even more.

Until they do that, I honestly do not see them being big again like they were back in the 80s and early 90s. They will continue to make amazing games and offer killer handheld consoles. But, their home consoles will keep on suffering until they truly give gamers what they are screaming for.

Do you think a Nintendo console could ever be a major seller again? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Published Aug. 27th 2015

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