Minecraft Snapshot 1.7: Things That Are New

I'll be discussing what's new in the Minecraft 1.7 snapshot.

Minecraft is a super-popular game for PC, Mac, Xbox, iOS, and Android. In fact, it's so popular that it has reached over 12 million downloads in 2 years. If you don't know much about the game, I'll put a link to the official website for further information. If you do know about the game already, then please scroll down a bit and you'll find what you're looking for.

Here's the link to the official Minecraft website: www.minecraft.net

1.6.2 is the most current version of Minecraft. Notch and Jeb are busy developing Scrolls, Minecraft Realms, and the highly anticipated 1.7 update. The snapshot for 1.7, called 13w37b, released 1 hour ago. (6:00 A.M)

Minecraft has came such a long way from its beta that debuted back a few years ago. And with 1.7 here, it represents how much effort Mojang has really put in this game. This was all pretty much introductory stuff, so let's get to what you came here to read.

On Notch's Twitter, he has hinted at a few new things for 1.7, and he has announced a few things for 1.7. One of the new things will be a new mob called Red Dragon. They're exactly what they're name claims them to be. And they'll roam in the overworld too.

Another thing that they've added/changed is the World Generator, fixing some errors such as small biomes, too much ocean, and not enough variation. They have added new flowers, such as the Blue Orchid and a Poppy. There is also a rose bush.

They have added new food, such as the pufferfish, catfish, and clownfish.

There is a new enchantment for tools called "Luck of The Sea" as well.

When you are flying in creative mode, or when you drop to the ground, particles fly out from where you land. So it's more of an impact type-of thing.

The mountains are now extremely more detailed--they're high and rocky. I love them. They actually look like mountains now.

But those were just a few things (excluding bug fixes) in the brand new 1.7 Snapshot for Minecraft. Get on your launcher and get it now!

Published Sep. 13th 2013

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