What to do until Fallout 4 comes out

Fallout 4 is a little over two weeks away. What should you do to pass the time?

If you’re like me, then you are counting down the days until Fallout 4 comes out on November 10, 2015. There is a little over two weeks until the game is released, and we are so pumped. If you need a way to spend your time until Fallout 4 come out here are somethings to do until then

Play Fallout 1, 2, Tactics, 3 and New Vegas

Why not play the games that started it all before you play Fallout 4. The 5 Fallout games that are currently out are great and deserve a playthrough if you haven’t already. Fallout 3 is my favorite game of all time; I have beaten it 7 times and have put a thousand plus hours into it. The story is rich, the gameplay is amazing, and the setting for Fallout 3 is unlike anything I have played. Every time I play Fallout 3 I still find something new and exciting to do in the game.

Play Fallout Shelter

This is a mobile game that allows you to be the overseer of your very own vault. That’s right; you have all the power to do whatever you want with your vault. The game is a lot of fun and you can find cool ways to build your own vault. You get to send people into the wasteland and are even attacked by raiders and the feared Deathclaws.

Play Metro 2033

This game has a very similar feeling to Fallout and is kind of like Fallout's little awkward brother. The game is a first-person shooter that has elements of stealth and survival horror. It has a setting that reminds me of Fallout and is also a post-apocalyptic game set after a nuclear war as well.

Freeze yourself carbonite and unfreeze yourself on November 10, 2015

This is the obvious choice of action and is the best way to spend your time until Fallout 4 comes out, why wait when you can freeze yourself, wake up and bam, Fallout 4 is out and the world is happy.

There you have it, there are a few things you can do to occupy your time until Fallout 4 comes out on November 10, 2015, and remember “War….War never changes.”

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Published Oct. 27th 2015

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