Skyforge getting huge content update August 11th

Skyforge is getting a much-needed content injection this month.

If you've felt Skyforge is a little lacking, well.. you're not totally alone on that. The game's combat is both fun and challenging, but something's felt a bit off. Could it be that the game's obviously not finished yet?

I'll answer that question with a very firm "duh," because it's been clear since closed beta that the international version of the game did not have all of the intended content. We are behind the Russian servers, after all.

Skyforge's Crucible of the Gods update is happening August 11th and it's hoping to give the game some of the meat its bones so badly deserve.

The biggest and most anticipated addition to come with the Crucible of the Gods update will be the implementation of the Divine Form, which will ascend your character from an Immortal to a God. This will become available to characters with Prestige over 30,500 and will unlock the highest tier of the Atlas: the Divine Atlas.

Once you get your Divine Form you will be able to take on the new content being added with the patch: Distortions, Invasions, Raids, and Anomalies.  Each of these will have benefits to progressing your character in terms of both the Divine Atlas and your equipment.

You can expect the new content to be fairly tough based on the descriptions given by the developers and how group content already is in the game -- not to mention it seems like the currency used for your Divine Form is separate from your Immortal Form (and hence not counted toward your weekly Spark cap).

The Skyforge's Crucible of the Gods update will be landing on Aelion on August 11th. Allods Team and Obsidian are sure to have some surprises in store for this big, expansive update.

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Published Aug. 3rd 2015

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