Best Budget Hearthstone Decks for The Witchwood Meta

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Rush Warrior

Control Warrior is probably one of the hardest decks to play, but this deck is the complete opposite -- it's an Aggro Rush Warrior. Here you have a very swift curve, with the most expensive cards costing only 4 mana.

Most of the minions have Rush, which means that you can attack with them right away. Since you will attack with them, they will get damaged, and that's when you can buff them with Rampage or start drawing cards using Battle Rage.

If you need to buff your minions from the get-go, then Inner Rage is your best friend. Otherwise, equip the Woodcutter's Axe that buffs your Rush minions while in hand.

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You can change the non-essential parts of these decks, but the synergies should stay, as that is the only way these decks can win. If you liked these Hearthstone decks for The Witchwood meta, then leave your feedback in the comments section!

Published Apr. 11th 2018

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