5 Reasons Not to Return to Black Desert Online

The Pearl Shop is out of control.

If you'd like to wear anything besides a burlap sack, go ahead and break out your wallet. Never mind that you already paid for the game. Never mind that you're level 5. If you've got a couple extra bucks, it's easy to pimp your character to the max.

If you are morally against that kind of thing, enjoy your very slim choices. 

To my surprise, I rejoined the game with 70 million silver sitting in my mailbox. Apparently, my two-room Velia apartment got super famous over the last year (so glad I redid the floors). The point is, whether I just couldn't manage to figure it out, or in game currency is now worthless -- I still look just about the same as I did before my lottery winnings after hitting the marketplace. 


Published Jan. 29th 2017

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