5 Reasons Not to Return to Black Desert Online

Playing with friends is still difficult and usually pointless. 

Here we have the #1 reason I (and several others) stopped playing in the first place. Black Desert makes little to no effort to supplement the MM portion of MMORPG.

I originally went into the game alone and noticed somewhere around level 20 that I had yet to group with anyone. I had tamed several mounts, set up trade routes for my wagon, was making a killing with my fishing boat and worker slaves -- but still had not made any friends. 

I drug a friend with me for my return to BDO and we quickly realized why this particular issue drove many players away in the first place. Unless you are GvG PvPing (which is at max level), there is really no reason to group with other players. 

In fact, the game makes it difficult. Why would I want to play the majority of an MMORPG alone?


Published Jan. 29th 2017

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