5 Reasons Not to Return to Black Desert Online

The PvP and crafting/trading systems are broken. 

This is a complicated topic. I won't claim to have any more than a sliver of knowledge on the subject matter, but it's easy to find mounds of complaints to pile on to my own.

With fixed marketplace prices, an aggressive cash shop presence and low reward trade routes -- it doesn't appear the economy is doing well. If you thought there was an incentive to following your dreams and sink all of your resources into becoming a wagon maker, I've got some bad news for you. It is terribly difficult to eek out a profit in quite a few core professions. 

Additionally, there isn't much risk or reward to PvP, and it all seems a little flat. A game focused on trade routes should really consider including an option for thievery and piracy. As it stands, the two are unrelated, and arguably both boring. 

You better also start praying to your RnG overlord, as gearing up at high levels for PvP is totally reliant on chance. This would be no big deal, except that if you are out geared you will get easily rolled over. 

Published Jan. 29th 2017

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