Guild Wars 2 Daily Slay: Tequatl Defeated

Three servers have now defeated the GW2 boss Tequatl, but Blackgate was first.

Tequatl the Sunless was the new boss added on the recent patch day in Guild Wars 2. He's hard. He's so hard, in fact, that out of fifty-one servers, only three have defeated him in the first twenty-four hours. Many players don't know the mechanics of the fight and more still just aren't practiced enough at working with hundreds of players to kill Tequatl.

The first group to kill the undead boss was the Blackgate server. It took Blackgate six attempts to take down the dragon minion, and over one hundred and thirty people had to be on voice chat for there to be enough coördination to kill Tequatl. Getting that many people on TeamSpeak is, in itself, a challenge. Figuring out how to keep down HP and adds is something I can't imagine. 

I play Sanctum of Rall, so I can congratulate Blackgate on their effort and success. I think most players do too. Some people are worried that the rewards are not high enough considering the challenge of the Tequatl event and others are concerned that their servers will lose valuable members because low-population or uncoordinated servers can't take down the beast. All of those concerns, to me, are unnecessary. I'm loyal to my server and many other people are as well. 

I think massive challenging "raids" like Tequatl are good for Guild Wars 2 and get groups motivated to try something hard. I say GG to the developers at ArenaNet and the commanders of Blackgate. Now share your strats with the rest of us!

Published Sep. 19th 2013
  • Lioso Cadelanne
    I'm not terribly shocked Blackgate was the first to take "Tequila" down (that's what we've been calling him on my server). They're one of the largest servers with a lot of coordinated guilds.

    I do love the increase in difficulty. Face-rolling bosses is nice the first couple times and nets you easy high level gear, but it's a lot more rewarding when the boss has some teeth.
  • Guades
    I like how Tequatl turned out but I hate how inaccurate everything is during the fight. Sparkfly Fen is hardly optimized enough to hold so many people across the entire map let alone in such a small area.

    Coordination through voice chat is something that will fade over time I imagine as people start picking up on the mechanics. After all the hype and whining the fight is still just don't stand in the fire and spam abilities on turrets if you look at it fundamentally.

    As to rewards, I think they're more than sufficient. iI Twitter is any source to go by it would appear that the first kill already had at least 4 ascended weapon drops and 1 miniature. That's a rough broken-down price of 1200g for the ascended weapons alone and that's not even counting the grindy hours it takes to get one.

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