Iwata Doesn't Recall Saying He'd Resign

Japanese press misinterpretes Nintendo president Satoru Iwata saying that he would resign.

Japanese press had claimed that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated he would resign if he was unable to achieve 100 billion yen (US$1.09963 billion) as income for the company for the next year. Back in January, it was widely reported that Iwata suggested that he would step down if Nintendo failed to meet this goal.

Moreover, in a more recent analyst meeting, Iwata replied to questions about the resignation. Iwata plainly said, "I don't recall saying I'd resign."

He also stated that the company doesn't focus on failure and puts all its effort into achieving its goal.

Thank god Iwata isn't resigning. I know I wouldn't resign if I was president of Nintendo! Why and how even the Japanese press had this little misunderstanding is beyond me. Nothing seems like it is set in stone and who knows what might happen in the next eight months. That said...

What are you thinking about Iwata's position and stance at Nintendo?


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Source mynintendonews.com
Published Jul. 1st 2013

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